The Guessing Game – How much is the DSM worth per year?


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  1. Absolutely Rosi. There is not treatment reuiqred for most addictions other than massive understanding, patience, real-food-nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration ya know, the kind of things a body might be deficient in certainly there is not drug deficiency in the body and addiction will never be cured or even helped by use of diagnosis and “treatment” usually with drugs involved. Certainly the emotional support of family and friends makes the journey easier, but with all the misinformation, that makes a drug addict the equivalent of a serial killer, the stigma and criminalization attached, we’ve certainly learned, not many can count on that support.I used coke for 3 years and quit easily just by getting busy with other thing and staying away from other users. 25 years later when one of my kids got addicted to pain killers after a surgery and it escalated to heroin, I got him clean with substantially more effort, though an organic diet, Nutraceuticals supplements, exercise, acupuncture and massage therapy. NO freaking drug switching. What IS the point of that madness, besides profit to the drug industry and all those under their wing? The mind set of this country, that drugs fix anything is mindboggling to comprehend. When are people going to figure out that the human body see synthetic chemicals as nothing more than one more huge problem to battle, in an already compromised and struggling body?

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