Digital Myths: #9 – Competition is only one click away, except nobody actually clicks. A popular case against online regulation is that the Internet is such a perfect marketplace that competition t... »
Digital Myths: #8 – Disruption is not the new competition. Disruption is the new monopoly. Disruption sounds painful: balances upset, trusted relations torn up, working systems broken apart, an out... »
Digital Myths: #7 – Don’t abuse freedom of speech; some have made great sacrifices for that right. Freedom of expression is the right to express your own opinion without censorship or fear of punis... »
Digital Myths: #6 - Automation has made a lot of jobs obsolete. New jobs came instead. But it did not happen on its own, but after human decisions. We decide if automation creates or kills more jobs. ... »
Digital Myths: #5 Internet Providers Are Like the Post Office. Only if the post office charges both the sender and receiver, runs competing services and delays letters to maximise its revenue. The ... »
Digital Myths: #4 Keep the Internet Open. Open technology has nothing to do with open society, in many cases the opposite is true ‘Keep the Internet open’ is the principle that in many cases guides... »
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Digital Myth #1: Information does not want anything. But it’s not always worthless and thus not always free. ‘Information wants to be free’ was the maxim of the first years of the World Wide Web in... »