On October 12, Netopia, Creativity Works!, the Cultural & Creative Industries Intergroup, creators and their business partners from around Europe gathered at the Representation of the Free State o... »
On July 11th 2016, Netopia launched its new book on 21 Digital Myths, Reality Distortion Antidote, which took place at Place de Londres Café in Brussels. Digital technology offers countless opportuni... »
On March 31 Netopia launched its report Citizens' Internet - The Many Threats to Neutrality at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. As the media sphere is shifting towards digita... »
Am 6. März 2015 hat Netopia seinem Bericht “Das Bürger-Internet, Neutralität ist nicht genug“ am Haus der Kulturen Der Welt veröffentlicht. Mit dem digitalen Wandel der Medienlandschaft ist es kom... »
On Human Rights Day (10 December), Egyptian Human rights activist Mariam Kirollos visited Brussels to share her experience of the struggle for freedom and social justice during and after the critical ... »
On February 18 2014, Netopia held a seminar at L'Atelier to discuss Ethics in the Digital World - A Closer Look at Clouds, Big Data and the Internet of Things and launched a Netopia report on the topi... »
On November 13, Netopia held a seminar at Thon Hotel EU to discuss 3D Printing and Intellectual Property, launch a Netopia report on the topic, and do a live 3D printing demo. 3D printers can a... »