The internet deserves a better debate of ideas. Netopia believes in a free and open internet where people and companies may safely dwell, where society protects the freedom, privacy and rights of individuals and creates the preconditions for growth and diversity. Netopia’s mission is to develop visions regarding the future of the internet based on these values.

Netopia does not claim to have all the answers; on the contrary, the questions are central. Who should decide the ground rules on the internet? What is required for diversity? How can society guarantee the privacy and freedom of individuals on the internet? Are new institutions required? Who are the current actors and what roles might they play in the future? Netopia aims to try and get good answers to these and many other questions.

The internet provides opportunities that may be seized by the EU in order to create the jobs, innovation and growth of the future. Netopia challenges the political and commercial powers that limit this potential. We are worried about a scenario where a small number of players control the development and where political ideas furthering these interests dominate without counterbalance.

Netopia’s conviction is that the internet is an ever-increasingly important part of our society, which also places demands on society to guarantee the freedom, privacy and rights of individuals in the digital environment as well. So far, issues regarding infringement of privacy or intellectual property rights, financial crime, defamation, cyber crime and bullying have been considered as separate issues. It is more constructive to view these phenomena as an expression for the same thing: the functions of society are needed also on the internet. Not the same rules as in physical society, but rules with the same purpose.

Netopia would like to promote the debate of a better online society. We do this on the internet, through reports, in seminars and other forums. It is time for the internet to take the next step.

About Netopia

Netopia is a web publication and idea forum based in Brussels. Netopia runs this site, publishes reports and arranges events with the purpose of stimulating the discussion on the future of the internet. Netopia takes its departure point in human rights and a broad perspective on society’s digital evolution. Netopia was founded in 2010 in Sweden, publishing in English since 2013. Netopia has several supporters that contribute by subscribing to the manifesto. As of today, the following organizations are supporting Netopia:

If you would like to contribute, make suggestions for topics to discuss, become a supporter, make a donation or have other questions, please contact Per Strömbäck.

Per Strömbäck, stromback@netopia.eu, +32 466 06 07 66