Digital Policy Topics in EU Election

Netopia turned to AI to find out what the main party groups say about digital policy topics.

We fed their election manifestos into a large-language model and analysed the occurrence of digital policy terms.

It turns out the Greens are big on AI and S&D like culture, but nobody seems to care about copyright.The image is a bar chart titled "Digital Policy Topics in European Election Manifestos." It compares how four political groups—Greens, S&D, EPP, and Renew Europe—mention various digital policy topics in their manifestos. Each topic is listed on the y-axis, with bars representing the frequency of mentions for each group. Here are the key insights from the chart:

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Footnote: the total word count varies in the manifestos, so the direct comparison is an indication only.

Renew Europe manifesto is 7 910 words.

EPP manifesto is 12 893 words.

S&D manifesto is 4 274 words.

Greens manifesto is 20 642 words.