“Digitalization brings fantastic opportunities” – ever hear that line? I’ve heard it a lot, in particular from people in public office (=politicians) and civil servants (=bureaucrats). One time, I fou... »
Some ideas are bad and some bad ideas die hard. The debate about a ban on so-called “geo-blocking” is approaching a decade. Time has not helped make the idea of a ban any better. “Geo-blocking” mea... »
Remember when legislation was supposed to be “technology neutral”? We used to hear this a lot in the 2010s when policies like digital single market and copyright were discussed. Technology neutral was... »
Move Fast and Break Things was the title of Jonathan Taplin’s 2017 book (if you haven’t read it, stop reading this blog and pick it up!). “Move fast and break things” was Facebook’s battle cry in the ... »
Will machines replace humans? That question has presented itself many times over the centuries. It has escaped no one that the current focus is around artificial intelligence. Can the machines become ... »
Sci-fi fans know about this. You might say Ready Player One, but the really cool kids point to Neal Stephenson’s 1994 novel Snow Crash for the original concept of the metaverse. It’s one of these conc... »
Granted, nobody knows what the network tax will be or indeed if it will ever happen. What we have is speculation and telco Xmas wishes. The idea that the sender should pay for the traffic in the netwo... »
It ain’t easy being telco. €100 Billion Euro public support and dividend pay-outs five times above average…  are we sure this is where the state needs to step in and dictate a new revenue-stream? Ente... »
Is Mastodon where Twitter ex-pats seek refuge after the Musk take-over? The Tesla-gazillionaire’s acquisition has been a drama beyond the imagination of any script-writer. First Musk made an unsolicit... »
Netflix-mini series The Playlist tells the story of Spotify. It takes me back. I was not involved in Spotify, but I did work in the music industry in the 1990s (when Napster arrived). I have met many ... »