The Bank Holiday weekend in May is a big occasion in English football, but this year is different. Protesting against social media’s inaction toward racist abuse online, in a rare move the major footb... »
Fungible – raise your hand if you had heard this word before the hype around NFTs – non-fungible tokens. I sure had not (I first thought it had something to do with mushrooms). It means exchangeable, ... »
Netopia goes television – that’s right, in the spirit of democratized media, Netopia goes to video. In a series of interviews, your humble editor will meet key people in digital policy and discuss the... »
Many years ago at the Gothenburg book show, I was on stage with a representative from Wikipedia (technically the Wikimedia Foundation, which owns Wikipedia). Oh, and before I write anything else, let ... »
Social media platforms are under fire on freedom of speech after they banned President Trump: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube… in fact an impressive number of internet services have followed suit Every Soc... »
Netopia has reported on how bad guys abuse domain names for Covid-scams. Not saying Oxford university reads Netopia, but it has come to very similar conclusions as the report we quoted. Here is a fres... »
One of the oldest jokes about the internet is “On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog”, by cartoonist Peter Steiner, first published in the New Yorker magazine in 1993. While the opposite is also t... »
Nobody has explained Section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act better than Wired Magazine’s editor in chief Nick Thompson the other day in a tweet: Why does section 230 allow tech companies ... »
Online advertising – the business model that made Big Tech’s fortune – is under attack. Legislators and regulators on various levels take stabs at the incumbent platforms, with competition or privacy ... »
What if someone were to make a scale 3D-model of your city, in virtual reality? What if they were to invite certain people to interact with that model, adding a layer of perception that is only availa... »