The sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cover many sectors, including online businesses. Either on order from the authorities or from their own initiative, many have ceased or decreased o... »
War in Europe, Russia invades peaceful neighbor Ukraine. Or rather, steps up its on-going invasion, eight years on. Many old truths have been reversed, such as: EU sending fighter jets. Germany increa... »
Big Tech has often responded to various charges by saying things like “competition is just one click away” or pointing to how the once-great Myspace faded away in the face of more modern competitors. ... »
Ten years on, Google has voluntarily implemented one of the then-controversial anti-piracy measures that were brought forward in the infamous SOPA/PIPA bills in the US (SOPA “Stop Online Piracy Act” w... »
No Holiday Season would be complete without some kind of intellectual property infringement going on. Be it knock off designer furniture under the tree or pirate electronics in the Xmas stocking. This... »
Today, November 8,  Frances Haugen will give testimony in European Parliament’s IMCO Committee. Ms Haugen is the latest Facebook whistleblower to call foul on the conduct of the platform. Will this... »
There used to be a time when the internet was meant to bring democracy to the oppressed. Swedish foreign aid authority SIDA co-funded anonymization technology. The Arab spring was called a “social med... »
How fun to watch deep fakes of old favorite movies! Here is one with the classic 80’s action flick muscle stars Sylvester Stallone’s and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s faces projected on main characters Dale... »
Most of the headaches of the digital world seem to have one common denominator: there is someone in the middle who could do something but doesn’t. Whether it’s fake news, terrorism content, revenge po... »
“But… if we don’t do it, somebody else will” – ever heard that? It’s the worst excuse ever, but it can be used to justify anything – pushing drugs at the schoolyard, selling “dual use” surveillance te... »