One of the oldest jokes about the internet is “On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog”, by cartoonist Peter Steiner, first published in the New Yorker magazine in 1993. While the opposite is also t... »
Nobody has explained Section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act better than Wired Magazine’s editor in chief Nick Thompson the other day in a tweet: Why does section 230 allow tech companies ... »
Online advertising – the business model that made Big Tech’s fortune – is under attack. Legislators and regulators on various levels take stabs at the incumbent platforms, with competition or privacy ... »
What if someone were to make a scale 3D-model of your city, in virtual reality? What if they were to invite certain people to interact with that model, adding a layer of perception that is only availa... »
Familiar patterns play out in the Southern hemisphere. After the copyright fight in South Africa, Australia is next in line – this time about news. The digital struggles of the newspapers are well-kno... »
No, that’s not a movie with unusually lame superheroes. Bear with me. I wrote recently about the copyright reform in South Africa. It led me to find out more, it was astonishing and oddly connected to... »
South African copyright law faces reform, albeit with some delay as president Ramaphosa has sent two bills back to the National Assembly for reconsideration. There are many sides to this reform, one c... »
Youtube does not like to block users or filter content, except when it helps their business. Youtube CEO Susanne Wojcicki wrote this on her blog: /…/it threatens to block users in the EU from vi... »
There have been many candidates including pressure from policy-makers and regulators, but thus far no end of congressional hearings or EU fines have done more than dent the stock price. Calls from org... »
The classic example of the good Samaritan-paradox is if you intervene at a traffic accident, by moving a victim away from traffic in order to avoid them being run-over by other cars, you should not be... »