The classic example of the good Samaritan-paradox is if you intervene at a traffic accident, by moving a victim away from traffic in order to avoid them being run-over by other cars, you should not be... »
As has been widely reported, last week Twitter marked two of President Trump’s tweets with a fact-checking label, effectively saying that the US President did not speak the truth. (Perhaps no news, “a... »
Pressure on Facebook shows no sign of decrease. The first line of defense – “we’re just a tech company” – did not hold. The second line – “we will hire thousands of moderators” – also failed. The late... »
He was known to the public as the lawyer who put The Pirate Bay-operators behind bars. Henrik Pontén was Sweden’s most famous anti-pirate and around those years the target of many pirate pranks. I kno... »
The conversation about the internet has two completely different understandings of technology and society clashing. On the one hand is the now nostalgic idea that the internet is a de-centralised t... »
Time spent in lockdown can be used to think about the big things in life. Like artificial intelligence. Netopia has a mini-theme on artificial intelligence, with Peter Warren’s story on insuring self-... »
The corona virus pandemic makes us rely more on digital communications to work from home, to make our everyday lives work in lockdown and to keep ourselves entertained. This puts a strain on internet ... »
As we struggle to make something useful of our time spent in virus lockdown, the internet’s role in our lives becomes ever more apparent. We depend on it to work from home, at least if we’re in of... »
Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki published a statement yesterday on how the video platform responds to the corona virus outbreak. It is worth reading. Wojcicki says “It remains our top priority to provid... »
The Italian movie director Sergio Leone invented the genre Spaghetti Western, bringing Hollywood actors such as Clint Eastwood to Italy to shoot Wild West-movies about sheriffs and cowboys, re-creatin... »