Event: 3D Printing and Intellectual Property, 13 Nov

On November 13, Netopia held a seminar at Thon Hotel EU to discuss 3D Printing and Intellectual Property, launch a Netopia report on the topic, and do a live 3D printing demo.

3D printers can already make everything from car parts and dental implants to clothes and toys – even human organs and guns.

Manufacturing used to be the domain of industries, but with increasingly cheap 3D printers these tools of production may soon be as widespread as the video camera or photo printer.

> Is this a paradigm shift that turns markets inside-out and spawns innovation and growth?

> Or will it bring the challenges of infringement, illegal distribution and market disruption that the creative industries have been struggling to cope with in the past decade to manufacturing?

> Will 3D printers challenge the traditional intellectual property distinctions of patents, patterns, trademark and copyright?

> Will we need new regulation and new institutions?

> Who are the winners and losers in this new landscape?

These and many other burning questions were discussed at Netopia’s seminar. Watch the videos:


Part 1/5, 3D printing demonstration


Part 2/5, Per Strömbäck


Part 3/5, Hosuk Lee-Makiyama


Part 4/5, Francesca Doria


Part 5/5, Q&A

Speakers at the event

Hosuk Lee-Makiyama,

Francesca Doria,
Policy Officer,
DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission

3D printing hub in Brussels who conducted the demo

Moderator: Per Strömbäck,
Editor Netopia


Download the full report in English here.

Preface of the report here.