Report: 3D Printing – Technology and Beyond

Personal 3D printing is a technology that challenges many areas in business and government. The technology itself is not new, but it is rapidly developing in terms of quality and range of applications.

The main shift comes from the popularisation of the technology: as prices drop to consumer levels, 3D printing gains the potential to spark a new industrial revolution. Personal 3D printing technology, and its consequences for society, economics and government, is the topic of Netopia’s first English-language report: 3D Printing: Technology and Beyond.

Mathilde Berchon is the author of L’Impression 3D (Editions Eyrolles, 2013) and the main contributor to the Netopia’s new report. Mathilde Berchon’s chapters outline the innovations and history of the technology, explains the different techniques involved and takes a closer look at how governments around the world invest in promoting these developments. The chapter on legal consequences, primarily in consumer protection and intellectual property rights, is written by IP law specialist Christina Wainikka (LL.D.). Netopia-columnist Waldemar Ingdahl looks into the philosophical ideas that underpin the technology, its implementation and adoption.

Download the full report in English here.

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