Today, June 15th 2017 is the end of roaming in the European Digital Single Market. A big step for the European Union, but telecom operators are not thrilled to see a big source of revenue go away. No ... »
As tools are developed and platforms like Facebook tighten-up content verification, the battle between Elves and activists fighting trolls, spammers and fakers for reach and take-down has barely begun... »
Today politicians, academics, journalists and entrepreneurs often refer to the knowledge economy. It is relevant to remember that although this might seem as a new buzz phrase it is far from a new phe... »
How is wealth created in societies? During a long time, economists gave the simple answer that capital, labor and natural resources were the three cornerstones of economic activity. The level of prosp... »
While the European economies are amongst the most prosperous and innovative in the world, development in the region has stalled during recent time. A report by Eurostat shows that nearly a third (30.7... »
What is the ”knowledge society”? We tend to think of knowledge as something connected to individuals and so we need better skills and education to develop in synch with the world. But is that all ther... »
In 1999, a 20-second MP3-file purporting to be from Coldplay was uploaded to Napster by a young man in Stanmore, North London. He entitled the file “Spies (Nikolai Levy Remix)”. He let a few people do... »
The creative and cultural industries have a huge impact on the European economy, and are “one of the strategic industries we have in Europe,” explained European Commission official Antti Peltomäki at ... »
MEPs have approved rules for keeping humans firmly in charge of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They include ways to establish liability in law, for example where driverless cars cause accidents. They h... »
In autumn, Netopia launched its report Immaterial Value Creation in Europe by Dr. Nima Sanandaji at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the EU in Brussels. In the video posted by Ideas... »