Digital books

How does technology shape the book business? Is it technology, readers, authors, libraries, book sellers or publishers that drive evolution? In one aspect, the book is itself a technology – a distribution format resulting not from specific content or demand, but from the invention of the printing press. Now that books are becoming digital, is it safe to assume that readers will read similar books as in print? Or will books themselves be different?

This week, Netopia takes part in Gothenburg Book Fair’s Digital Square. These and many other questions will be discussed in a stage program hosted by Netopia editor Per Strömbäck. Among the speakers are Kobo’s Diego Marano, Random House’s digital publisher Dan Franklin, Google’s book evangelist Santiago de la Mora, author Robert Levine and bestselling magical optimist Paolo Coelho (the last two on video link). In case you’re in town, join the conversation!