Two Ways To Be Harmed – 3Qs to Leandro Demori

EDRi’s Paper and the Two Faces of the Internet Debate

the many tech solutions to controlling the pandemic, and the privacy of the contact tracing apps

A Global Moral for the Tech Companies?

Big Tech Fines v Big Tech Values

Fines levied pale when contrasted against market values of the main tech companies to fall foul of national regulators.

GDPR – Springtime for Spammers


The much lauded GDPR has failed to achieve its hyped expectations.

The Surveillance Capitalist’s Secret Sauce

the age of surveillance capitalism - book cover

Why Does Google Pay Protesters?

The weird thing about the scoop from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that Google ... »

Bland Cricket: UK and EU Initiatives on Fake News Fall Short

  Pug Dog Police Announcing Trough Megaphone - fake news image

Time to Close Safe Harbor

Last month marked 20 years since President Bill Clinton signed the Digital Mille... »

Arbiters of Truth