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A “subsidy baby” is a company set up to benefit from government support more than making money from its customers The success of the internet skyscrapers Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple is often... »
Now that the legislative juggernaut of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has reached its full, unstoppable momentum, attention in the EU has turned towards a makeover for its elder but sli... »
There is a philosophical concept known as ‘the extended mind’ that the technology industry and governments are now acutely focused on. For most of us our memories are in our surroundings and in our me... »
The internet of things and the era of big data will bring great benefits. But many of those benefits risk being overshadowed if the real potential problems posed by this new technological revolution a... »
ETHICAL DIALOGUE WITH THE MACHINES ‘It’s not a matter of there being a set of ethics for machines and another for human beings; we argue that there is just one thing called ethics. We want to make ... »
We have seen how the internet of things and the growing phenomenon of ‘big data’ will throw up major problems for consumers and citizens, problems that have as yet barely been grasped by most policy-m... »
Consumer rights A major concern for our rights as consumers is the way that machines direct us according to their interests and not ours. Experts such as Dr Jonathan Cave warn about the growing inf... »
None of this might matter if we could be sure – really sure – that such data gathering was always in our individual interests. But of course we cannot be sure. Already, large corporations, governme... »
The internet of things means that the opportunities for massive surveillance and intrusion into our lives by governments and large organisations will reach ever-greater proportions - it will potential... »