Fifteen clicks of online fame

Who wouldn’t want to be a model? To have your face all over town, promoting the new car, razor or anti-aging creme? With Google’s announcement this can be a dream come true, at least on a small scale. Google+ users faces will appear next to ads for services or products they recommended, in Google-lingo “shared recommendations”. In advertising it’s “tapping into the social graph”. That’s right, when ad buyers present their offers to your Google+ connections yours could be the face of it. Not so different from Brad Pitt’s Chanel N:o 5-adverts (just picking one example, no particular reason for singling out Mr Pitt). When Andy Warhol coined that celebrated phrase about fifteen minutes of fame for each and everyone in the future, was it something like this he had in mind?

Brad Pitt probably got paid a lot better than you and I will, though.