Massively Open Online Frat Algorithm

Algorithmisation is when human jobs are replaced by machines. It used to be robots doing manufacturing jobs, but with algorithmisation also white-collar jobs will (supposedly) be done by the machines. Doctors and lawyers are examples of professions that are essentially flow charts and thus easily algorithmised, or so say the proponents (I know, accountability, but for argument’s sake). Thus, educating surgeons and lawyers is a waste of time and money.

Teachers, too, can be replaced by machines. University educations are going online at a rapid scale. Distance courses are of course old hat, but Massively Open Online Courses (“MOOC”) are all the rage in the academic world. It’s a brilliant proposition, more students get degrees with less effort from the universities. Too bad it seems most of the MOOCs teach skills that will soon be algorithmised. And MOOC-students drop out a lot more than their on-campus mates.

I spent some years in university and sure had some great experiences from courses. But my most important lessons we’re learned outside the classroom: in the student union, editing the campus paper, throwing parties and rock festivals, lobbying the university board et cetera. Probably, that’s why I dropped out without a degree. On the other hand, who cares? My job will be algorithmised before long anyway.