Netopia on the Airwaves and in the Media

Netopia’s report Can We Make the Digital World Ethical? has created quite a stir. I gave an interview to Brussels online news and opinion front-runner EurActiv, which dubbed me “internet guru” (that’s a first!). I discuss the opportunities for democracy online and challenge the idea that government is always behind the curve when it comes to technology.

This evening – Thursday March 6th – UK’s Resonance FM will broadcast a one-hour program based on the report and made by the authors. It features many voices from the academic community on the ethics of the internet of things, self-programming software, decision-making algorithms and other near-future technologies. Some of voices are familiar to Netopia-readers, such as Oxford University’s Viktor Mayer-Schönberger who comments on the possibility for human-imitating machines. For Netopia-readers in London, the frequency is 104.4 FM. Others are invited to listen online. 20.00 GMT.