Suicide Bombs in Brussels — May the Open Society Conquer Fear

About a year ago, this writer expressed sympathy for the victims of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and their families. This morning, terror came to Brussels, Netopia’s home base. Bombs in the metro and at the airport, many dead and injured. Once again, Netopia’s thoughts are with the victims and families. Public transports shut down. European Parliament evacuated.

Netopia’s mission to discuss power, money and democracy in the digital society is put in perspective by the shocking acts of violence, just around the corner from us. It is difficult to see these acts as anything but an attack on democracy. Brussels is the capital of Europe and home of many institutions that help uphold rule of law, human rights and democracy. Netopia wants such functions to be more prominent in the digital society. It appears the terrorists want them to have less influence in the analog world. Of course, we don’t know the details and motives yet and can only speculate. Physical safety is a fundament for democracy. Without it, we think about our own survival, not the improvement of society. May the open society conquer fear.