Have You Met a Whistleblower?

Today, November 8,  Frances Haugen will give testimony in European Parliament’s ... »

Big Tech Fines v Big Tech Values

Fines levied pale when contrasted against market values of the main tech companies to fall foul of national regulators.

The Surveillance Capitalist’s Secret Sauce

the age of surveillance capitalism - book cover

Bland Cricket: UK and EU Initiatives on Fake News Fall Short

  Pug Dog Police Announcing Trough Megaphone - fake news image

Get Messy!

Arbiters of Truth

Big Tech Pulling The Strings.

Micro-Targeting – Just Like the Post Office

Microtargeting Political Adverts Facebook

Taking on Silicon Valley Monoliths in the Old Town Bookstore

Interview with Jonathan Taplin in Stockholm, with Volante Publishing.

The Paper Resistance

The Paper Resistance

Book Review: Franklin Foer. World without Mind. The Existential Threat of Big Tech (2017)