EDRi’s Paper and the Two Faces of the Internet Debate

the many tech solutions to controlling the pandemic, and the privacy of the contact tracing apps

Get Messy!

Taking on Silicon Valley Monoliths in the Old Town Bookstore

Interview with Jonathan Taplin in Stockholm, with Volante Publishing.

The Paper Resistance

The Paper Resistance

Book Review: Franklin Foer. World without Mind. The Existential Threat of Big Tech (2017)

The Illusion of a Ready-Made Future – Manifesto for Courage

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Digital Myth: The Internet Will Save News

The Winner Takes All: Recipe for Disaster

The Turtle and the Unicorn: A Silicon Valley Fable

Silicon Valley Subsidy Babies

Red Silicon Valley pin in map near San Jose, California

“All services are welcome but must follow European rules” Netopia goes to DLD Europe