Two Ways To Be Harmed – 3Qs to Leandro Demori

Big Tech Fines v Big Tech Values

Fines levied pale when contrasted against market values of the main tech companies to fall foul of national regulators.

GDPR – Springtime for Spammers


The much lauded GDPR has failed to achieve its hyped expectations.

Big Tech Pulling The Strings.

Save Your Internet

Behind the curtain of funding and nefarious behaviour during the recent Copyright Directive mandate vote .

Annus Horribilis – 2017 Tipping Point for Tech Determinism

Annus Horriblis may be the kindest way to describe how tech platforms have fared... »

Fake News as Propaganda

“Spies (Nikolai Levy Remix)” – The Long Tradition of Fake News

Digital Myth: Internet Brings Democracy

Digital Myth: Permission-less Innovation Made the Internet Great