There can be only one

Niche monopolies seems to be the nature of the internet, there is really only one search engine, one auction site, on ads listings site, one business networking service etc. It makes sense too, at least in some cases: if there is more than one used car sales website, it makes it more difficult for the buyer to get the full view of the market, at the same time it makes it easier for sellers if all potential buyers are in the same place. There are some obvious problems with this, putting all the eggs in one basket gives that platform a lot of power. Regardless of this, it seems that in many cases this is the direction where digital is going. It is driven by globalization and market needs, in some cases there are competing standards (mobile apps), but only a few dominant players in each niche. Google is not necessarily afraid that Bing will take away their business, but rather that users will interact with information in a different way – Apple and Facebook are much bigger competitors in this perspective. If this trend continues, is it the destiny of the internet to be a multitude of niche monopolies as the strong  chops off the virtual heads of the virtual opponents? Reminds me of the Eighties cult movie Highlander: There can be only one!