Will #Robots Take Your Job? (and Netopia on Television)

Does automation create more jobs than it kills? Some say we’re not automating fast enough, others that there is a race for jobs between computers and humans. But it’s also about the quality of those jobs, Netopia covered a debate in European parliament on how automation changes the power on the labour market. Of course, Netopia has also elaborated on this topic and came to the conclusion that there is no fate but what we make, as The Terminator would have put it. In fact, the question of robots taking jobs brought Netopia to the airwaves, commenting on Euronews earlier this autumn (watch it, it’s only two minutes!): http://www.euronews.com/2015/09/04/technological-change-a-nettle-that-must-be-grasped-says-expert/

Are you concerned about your own job? BBC made an online service where you can find out. Just type your job title in the box and… er, the robot will tell you!