Recent developments have brought a discussion on whether machines can make art. Surely your social media has been flooded with Midjourney creations in recent weeks. The text-to-image software takes an... »
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The most powerful moment at the recent Wexfo World Expression Forum was when Maria Ressa held Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s hand on the closing panel as she explained that the organization Thorning-Schmidt... »
It’s so difficult to make good propaganda these days. Or perhaps it was always the case. Many moons ago, I did mandatory army service in Sweden. The officers once showed us a propaganda film from R... »
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The sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cover many sectors, including online businesses. Either on order from the authorities or from their own initiative, many have ceased or decreased o... »
War in Europe, Russia invades peaceful neighbor Ukraine. Or rather, steps up its on-going invasion, eight years on. Many old truths have been reversed, such as: EU sending fighter jets. Germany increa... »
Big Tech has often responded to various charges by saying things like “competition is just one click away” or pointing to how the once-great Myspace faded away in the face of more modern competitors. ... »
Ten years on, Google has voluntarily implemented one of the then-controversial anti-piracy measures that were brought forward in the infamous SOPA/PIPA bills in the US (SOPA “Stop Online Piracy Act” w... »