When the internet first burst onto the scene, critics thought it would make us isolated. People, enthralled by their computer, would turn away from each other. Now, as social media infiltrates every a... »
Netopia has argued against the notion of “permission-less innovation” before. The idea that innovation is so great that it trumps everything else, including the law. Permission-less supposedly means t... »
On Friday, Swedish prosecutors halted the investigation of rape charge against Wikileaks-founder Julian Assange. It was too difficult to proceed with the investigation as the prosecutors were not allo... »
In the dominating narrative on internet regulation, any policy intervention is a threat to the openness of the internet which of course is the principle that trumps all. Exceptions are permissible for... »
“So I woke up this morning and it was the year 2025. All of the DSM policies had been implemented. (Don’t ask about the US president!) I thought back on last night’s… [read more]” Today, Euracti... »
When movie piracy shifted from torrent downloads to illegal streaming, it brought a legal debate whether it was actually illegal to watch illegal streaming. We already knew from a 2104 ruling by the C... »
Police car in Stockholm covered with flowers during manifestation (Photo: Karin Lindgren Strömbäck) On Friday afternoon, my hometown Stockholm suffered a terror attack. The terrorist drove a st... »
Is technology culture? The answer depends on what you mean by “technology”. And “culture”. Starting with culture, there are three main meanings of the word: culture as art, culture as human effort and... »
Consumer power may be an illusion online, but advertiser power is real. In theory, users can “vote with their feet” and leave a service they don’t like. This is often hailed as “competition is only on... »
I vowed never to complain about Brussels traffic after I visited Istanbul. The moves my cab driver made to get me to the airport in time included reversing in high-speed against on-coming traffic on t... »