“Cherish the moment” I told myself. I mean, I’ve had my work translated before. I once wrote the manuscript for a video game that was released in fourteen languages (it failed fourteen times). But thi... »
Do you know how to program computers? Have you ever changed your profile picture on social media? Selected a ring tone on your mobile phone? Installed an app? Good, so you know how to program computer... »
Netopia first started in Sweden in 2010, but in 2013 moved to Brussels and changed language to English. There were two reasons. First, the future of the digital society is a global conversation and it... »
It used to be that the internet would bring knowledge, democracy, growth, jobs and freedom to the oppressed. But yesterday, telecom organization ETNO upped the ante: now the internet will fix climate ... »
DISCLAIMER: The following text may contain sarcasm Conventional wisdom says if you pour cold water into a hot bath, the temperature of the bath water will fall. New research, however, challenges th... »
It was a surprise that President Juncker’s state of the European Union address last week barely touched on the digital issues. The speech talks about digitisation of industry as a side-note, a little ... »
What kind of responsibility should the intermediaries of digital media have? This question is key to how the online world develops. Different intermediaries have come to different conclusions. Most ad... »
It’s a trick question. The internet is already regulated, except poorly and by coders rather than lawyers. Author Douglas Rushkoff makes this point in a long read by Charles Arthur in The Guardian. Th... »
The European Union is probably the only level of government that has institutions powerful enough to have a real capacity to enforce rule of law online. The US is likely more interested in protecting ... »
A long time ago, in my hometown Stockholm, there was a court case, widely reported, against the founders of The Pirate Bay. This was 2009. I was there to listen to parts of the trial. The world could ... »