This week, Youtube boss Susan Wojcicki called for help against the proposed copyright legislation in EU. The message is old, copyright gets in the way of creativity. And of Youtube’s freedom to moneti... »
I had a conversation with a tech entrepreneur the other day. He told me he wants to make apps on-demand. Why do you have to download apps? Why do users have to wait? All other forms of content are on ... »
Did Whatsapp cause the brutal lynching of an innocent man in the state Karnataka in Southern India? A mob of 2000 attacked four men in a car on rumours that they were out to abduct local children. (In... »
There is a pattern in the copyright debate, which I think is different from most other fields of policy. Whatever the proposal, quickly the most extreme and absurd interpretation emerges and takes cen... »
This Sunday was “action day”, when a Million Europeans were supposed to stand up against the “censorship and control” of the proposed copyright reform. Except almost nobody turned up. Clicktivism T... »
Some debates are evergreens. They go on forever, never end, regardless of fact or sense. The material for student debate clubs. The issue of whether piracy hurts legal sales is a good candidate for su... »
We used to think that information wanted to be free. This was the idea that informed the vision in the early days of the internet. It’s a figure of speech of course, information does not want anything... »
Is the EU Parliament going to break the internet? Yes, at least according to some who oppose the EU’s Copyright reform. Does this sound familiar? That’s because this song has been playing for a long t... »
Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance in European Parliament last month raised many questions: Did he respond properly? Were the questions too friendly? Will a few thousand extra content scree... »
Dear European policy-maker – when you make policy for the “Value Gap”, please don’t forget about the different kinds of intermediaries. I was on a panel once with a professor who argued that copyri... »