The Italian movie director Sergio Leone invented the genre Spaghetti Western, bringing Hollywood actors such as Clint Eastwood to Italy to shoot Wild West-movies about sheriffs and cowboys, re-creatin... »
They say time flies, but it also true that time is slow. Netopia first started ten years ago. Since then much has happened. But much is the same. Netopia launched February 16th 2010 in Swedi... »
Is there such a thing as a passive intermediary on the internet? Can you talk about “dumb pipe” anymore? Has there ever been such a thing anyway? There used to be a time when “network neutrality” w... »
Here is an evergreen topic: does piracy really hurt legal sales? Last week, film-maker legend Werner Herzog said at a film-festival in Switzerland that pirates have his blessing if they can’t find ... »
The point has hit home: something is wrong with the way the internet works and the online platforms are part of the problem and maybe maybe part of the answer too. This is no longer a topic of deb... »
Remember that time when the Swedish government funded Darknet? Yeah, with the US Navy. Darknet, the part of internet which is more lawless than the rest. Where you can get your contract killers, dr... »
The go-to-answers to any form of criticism of the tech business have always been “freedom of speech”, “human rights” and “it would turn us into and China”. But as of today, Big Tech must come with a n... »
The biggest illusion around the internet is that lack of regulation brings freedom. It does not. It only cedes the power of regulation to the tech companies, rather than keeping it in the hands of dem... »
So Big Tech has too much power. What can we do? Is there no-one with more power than the tech businesses? Here are some candidates: consumers, employees, investors, advertisers and governments. Consum... »
File-sharing is not what it used to be. At least not if you think it used to be this altruistic movement with no profit motives. Today, running torrent trackers is a business, not some ideologic crusa... »