Our devices control us more than we control them. We have become slaves to technology. Instant gratification triggers our dopamine system keeping us hooked on social media. We touch our phones several... »
What if the problems around digital have been fixed before? If 2017 was the year of the Techlash, 2018 could be the year of the Techfix. The Techlash, when Silicon Valley started to ask if it had crea... »
Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world – Shelley Who rules the internet? Some would say it’s a tug-of-war between tech companies and governments. Programmers vs lawyers. But more pow... »
It was only a minute ago the internet was supposed to free us from all evils. Now more and more, we talk about the problems of the surveillance economy and power concentration online. Great, this is t... »
I tend to think of the EU Commission as a rock of sanity and patience in a crazy world (don’t laugh, we need something to hold on to!). I think that fits well with the COMM’s self-image too. This mean... »
This week, the European Commission made me read the Bible. Turns out perhaps they should have a look themselves. This is what I found: Around the time of Jesus Christ, Jews and Samaritans generally... »
Frequent Netopia-readers may have noticed a sudden peak in guest opinions recently. 21 MEPs published a joint statement. A group of film producers wrote an open letter to the Estonian presidency. I in... »
How does technology impact society? That is begging the question. Phrasing the question like that already assumes techno-determinism: that technology happens and impacts society. Technology as a force... »
The biggest hit by The Hives is Hate to Say I Told You So. Great song, I’ve seen them perform it live several times. The chorus comes to mind when I follow the debate on social media and democracy. ... »
Once upon a time there was a new political movement. It had a bold vision of a future where the old systems had no place. It had a new language and a confident attitude. It had activism. It had an ide... »