Workers at the Amazon's German logistic centres are again at odds with the company over pay and conditions, with walkouts planned in Leipzig, Bad Hersfeld and Graben. This is the second such stri... »
Apple has been forced to update its refund policy for faulty iPods, iPads and iMacs products by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Apple were found to have applied its own ... »
Google's legal team will not answer to a British court over privacy claims. They say the claim falls short of the standard needed to be heard at the high court in London and therefore must be heard i... »
With no mention of safety or security, two US Senators have proposed a bill to outlaw phone calls on flights within USA, because they say listening to someone's  "innermost thoughts" is "disruptive an... »
Data scientists at Carnegie Mellon and Facebook have revealed that the social network records even the messages you type, delete and do not share. The study by Ph.D. student Sauvik Das, and Faceboo... »
Harlem, New York, is about to enjoy the largest public Wi-Fi in the USA in a move announced during Mayor Mike Bloomberg's farewell tour of the city. The Wi-Fi will stretch for 95 blocks, cover appr... »
Spear phishing has been highlighted as the most prolific and successful type of email bluff and accounts for over 90% of breaches. In a report, published as an Infographic, by security-as-a-service... »
Every book listed in the Norway National Library is to be digitised by 2025 and made available free of charge to Norwegians. In terms of national archives, this is the first country to announce ful... »
An emphatic blog post about fake ad traffic has been picked up by every major player in the media and ad:tech industry, and is promising to bring about real change. The post author, John Battelle, ... »
For only the second time in fifteen years, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will make a direct ruling on an application for a generic top-level domain name (gTLD), after the... »