Facial recognition technology is set to come under scrutiny from the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) at the organization's next meeting, in February 2014. NTIA ... »
The UK Attorney General is using Twitter to educate users about the rules governing contempt of court. In particular, they are warning users not to write social media updates that may lead to the a... »
In the wake of the demise of Silk Road, two more black markets have shut down. Sheep Marketplace was the first to close and claims to have been robbed to the tune of $6 Million (5400 Bitcoin). H... »
France's High Court of Paris has instructed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and search engines to remove, delist and block infringing movies sites, concluding a case opened in 2011. The move foll... »
Following a ban on sharing news stories via social networks, the Vietnamese authorities have announced a huge 100 million dong ($4,740) fine for anyone who criticises the government on social sites. ... »
In recent months, a consolidation of media ownership into the hands of oligarchs connected to president Viktor Yanukovych has decreased media pluralism and curtailed free speech at all levels. Tele... »
Since YouTube forced users to adopt a Google+ account and use a real name for their profile to comment on YouTube, spam has actually increased. YouTube's previous commenting system automatically bl... »
Denmark-based Bitcoin merchant processing service, BIPS, suffered a BTC 1,295 (about USD 1m) loss following a major DDoS attack and subsequent theft that occurred between November 15 and 19. Followin... »
The city of Philadelphia has banned 3D printed guns, the first US jurisdiction to do so. The department city councilman and sponsor of the bill, Kenyatta Johnson, said the move was "pre-emptive" an... »
US regulators are moving to stop sales of Google-backed 23andMe's landmark product, Saliva collection DNA kits, because they have not cleared sufficient tests for license approval. Saliva Collectio... »